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The background check industry has been supplying employment screening reports the same way for over 15 years. What do we mean? Open an account with a top name in the industry and you get an online portal Log-in. Instead of a real solution [the background check report finished], you’re faced with an order entry screen. If you’re lucky they’ll give training on how to use their software, how to run your own background checks with it, and how to know when you and your staff are ready for advanced background check training. Now is that what you wanted?

We know you’re looking for a Real Solution. One which doesn’t give you a self-help portal tool wasting your time and your company’s human resources. And Cluso Delivers. How do we do it without integration and portal interaction? By combining the following: 1)Expert licensed investigators 2) Multiple investigation tools 3) Internally trained “investigative” techniques 4) Quality data sources, and 5) Cluso’s proprietary processing application leverages personalized controls, workflow, collaboration, and quality assurance.

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Criminal Record Searches

Locate criminal records with State, County, Federal, 3rd Party Data, International available data sources.

Global Terrorist, Watch Lists & More

Comply with "Patriot Act" list searches or give us the list of unique searches you need.

Business Investigation

BIDD™ "Business Investigation Deep-Dive" vendor screening. Investigate business (& key principals) before associating or transacting business.

Identity & Tracing Searches

Cross-check identities and address trace history to pinpoint search locations or to locate a person.

Drug Testing

We register drug tests, manage results, deal with the MRO, and enforce testing contract requirements for you w/true lab tests.

Business Risk Reports

State filing info, judgements, liens, UCC filings & more are investigated for accuracy. Not available for hiring purposes.


Civil Litigation Searches

Locate civil litigation cases at counties and/or federal districts courts.

Driver Records

Current driver records sourced by the State (also called a Motor Vehicle Report or MVR)

Financial Searches

Check for bankruptcy filings, liens, and judgements in public records. IRS 4506-T search available to confirm income.

I-9 & E-Verify

Get audit ready w/I-9 software integrated with E-Verify. Great for remote contract hiring and federal compliance.


U.S. & Int'l employment, education, license, and reference checks available.

Special Requests

Call or Email us. We'll let you know if we can help.

Billions of Records Out There.

Exactly one Cluso® report is needed to make an informed business decision.

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Contractor Compliance (e.g., MSA)

Audit-Ready Reports--Delivered

Personalized Electronic Links

Bypass busy-work & paperwork

We Take Care of Details

We value your time by
rolling up our sleeves

Initiate, not "Order" Reports

Customized links mean no ordering

Enforce Your Standards

Keep everyone (branches/vendors)
on the same page

Secure Closed Infrastructure & Proprietary Software

Built on IBM® Domino, Web Portal Server, MobileFirst. We own,
not rent and we're so advanced you don't need to Log-in, Ever.

Identity Deception & Quality Control

Fraud & deception prevention measures

Onsite Start Date Focus

Priority & path to faster reports now available




U.S. Sources only
  • 7yr Cnty/Fed Criminal (lived/worked & added due to tracing locations)
  • Identity & Address Check
  • Nat'l + DC Sex Offender
  • Specified Watch Lists

*Int'l Criminal and Alias searches not included

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U.S. Sources only
  • 7yr Cnty/Fed Criminal (lived/worked & added due to tracing locations)
  • Identity & Address Check
  • Nat'l + DC Sex Offender
  • Global & Terrorist Watch Lists
  • Nat'l Criminal Search
  • 10 Panel Lab Drug Test

*Int'l Criminal, Alias searches, and MRO not included

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U.S. Sources only
  • 7 year State/Cnty/Fed (Crim for lived locations)
  • Identity & Addr. Check
  • Nat'l + DC Sex Offender
  • Global & Terrorist Watch Lists
  • Nat'l Criminal Search
  • 10 Panel Lab Drug Test
  • 7yr Employment History
  • Highest Education
  • Bankruptcy, Liens, & Civil Judgments Search

*Int'l Criminal, Alias searches, MRO, locations listed in trace not included
*Additional fees such as 3rd party pass-thru fees and State Fees will be added at Cost.

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Investigated & reported for accuracy at source(s):
  • State filing info including status

Search for

  • Businesses based on Key Principals and State(s) filing history.
  • Judgements, State & Federal liens, UCC filings.

*not an instant, online report

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