Contract Hire Background Checks

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You have more at stake than the "cost of a bad hire" --  you have end-clients contracts you have to maintain to stay in business.  Our CEO & Founder, Sharon Sutila has been in your shoes.  Sutila received the first IBM MSA (Master Subcontractor Agreement) requiring criminal backgrounds over a decade ago, and offered a solution to vendors and suppliers.   We've helped over 2,000 clients comply with over 100,000 contractor backgrounds (about 2,000,000 transactional searches.)  

Now we ensure compliance for hundreds of complex contracts and we can help you with this time-consuming, high risk task.  

Licensed investigators answer your calls, manage your reports, and perform quality reviews to do all we can to ensure a high quality report every time.  Initiate, not Order, a background check.  And when we're done we won't list out pages of "possible" cases not truly matched to your candidate. We'll deliver a highly reliable audit-ready report.