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How fast is Cluso? Can reports be expedited?

Our reports are not instant like online aggregated database broker results, but we are quick.  Our view of reports are that it isn't finished until everything you need is finished.  Instead of breaking down reports into individual parts and sending you a lot of emails boosting about the one of 20 parts you need, we MANAGE the WHOLE report for the best turnaround to deliver a fully complete "Finished" report.  We determine the greatest dependency and concentrate on closing those searches.  

Our typical criminal report takes 48 hours, however, we may be faster or slower depending on data sources, if the individual has a possible case we have to look into further, international research, etc.  The best thing you can do is tell us when you need a report and let us get started.  We answer our phones and provide you a point of contact, so can tell us what you need and by when.  We care about getting your reports finished when you need them and do everything we can.  Expediting reports may be possible depending on your require, press here to "GET STARTED"

How Do I Know Cluso Will Provide an Accurate Report?

Our reports are a high quality standard in the industry.  We've earned our brand reputation by doing the hard work on every background check.  We're not reporting aggregated information and we're not data brokers; we're checking sources to ensure accuracy.  By combining the following: 1)Expert licensed investigators 2) Multiple investigation tools 3) Internally trained “investigative” techniques 4) Quality data sources, and 5) Cluso’s proprietary processing application with extreme personalization control,  workflow, collaboration, and quality assurance, we deliver unmatched accuracy.  If you're ready, press here to "GET STARTED"

What’s Cluso’s Experience and Track Record?

We've rolled up our sleeves for 100,000 individual reports.  We don’t work with Millions of reports and don’t provide instant reports because it takes time to provide a highly reliable report.  Investigators work on our reports and our reports usually contain more than 20 searches each.  Because our system is customizable we tend to receive the most difficult contract compliance reports required by large corporations.  Our 100,000 reports consisted of more than 2,000,000 transactions.  If you're ready now, press here to "GET STARTED"