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BIDD Report (Business Investigation Deep-Dive)

Every business needs to work with other businesses.  The business landscape is moving faster than ever before, and that means you need to explore new and emerging businesses with innovations, lowered costs, better quality and good & services your clients truly need access with... or risk your own company becoming irrelevant.

Even if you have a vendor/supplier procurement process requiring paperwork, business credit and on-site inspections or visits.  You are missing key information only an Investigaton company can find for you.  

Our "Business Investigation Deep-Dive" Report (BIDD) is a supplement to a standard online business credit report and your existing procurement screening process.  

BIDD focuses on the key principals of a business, their history, and their past and current businesses' history.  We provide a level of insight only an investigator can give. No portal based website, data aggregation or automated information brokers can replicate our insights because we have an investigative process combined with investigation tools.

We're "Revealing Who You Can Trust" so you can make informed business decisions and address key issues before transacting with businesses.