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Intelligence Maze

Challenging Paths to Finding Truth

Top 10 obstacles to creating a highly reliable report.

1) People lie sometimes about identity, experience and/or educational history  (on purpose or by accident)
2) Those with criminal records (now over 65M Americans) are motivated [and may be disparate] to hide their criminal history
3) Abundant education on how backgrounds are conducted also educates "how to beat the background check"
4) Records are often shared, distributed and compiled on the internet without all identifiers available
5) Thousands of public record data sources are decentralized without a single reliable search is commercially available
6) Third party information brokers are compiling, sharing and storing data often contain errors and are missing crucial details
7) Trend by sources to remove or limit any additional identifiers which may clear a person from a case
8)  Cases which may be expunged at the source court are "orphaned records" which exist long after the source has removed it from public view.
9)  Differences in court structure across the country and the severity of the offenses covered vary by courts.
10) Common Names confuse computers into matching people to records which are not theirs

Automation and Integration only aggregate a "possible" result for your background check requests.  

The industry standard gives you unfinished, dirty-work dealing with more problems their results may create.  

Our Expert Investigators navigate the whole "Intelligence Maze" for you; Spend your time making an informed business decision.