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Details Delivered.

We do all we can to keep you from working on [and wasting your valuable time] screening internal (or contractor) job applicants.  We conduct, handle and manage your background checks like you would do them yourself if you had more time.  Our system's so flexible it's able to process backgrounds with highly complex contract criteria.  Our reports can assist efforts to standardize, comply and enforce regulations or contracts, and help you be ready for an audit.

Here's some examples of our personalized service:
1) Initiate, not "Order" a background check/drug test again.
2) Stop gathering personal identifiers (PII) to order a background check.
3) No more paper release forms again and the security issues they create.
4) Automatically electronically register drug tests with your expiration and handling rules.  And email them directly to candidates.
5) Hold the criminal research until the identifiers are confirmed.  Reduce time and money wasted by typos and candidate deception.
6) Deep dive into other identifiers on any serious case listings so you have more information before taking pre-adverse action
7) Create personalized questions for all your verifications for each type of position (or end-client contracts.)
8. Request all verifications in writing using your customized documents for certain types of positions (or end-client contracts.)

Personalized Details Delivered.  Expert licensed investigators pay special attention and screen candidates like you'd run them yourself.