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Licensed Private Investigators

Expert "Background Informants"

Cluso Investigation is a Licensed Private Investigation Company providing Investigative Research services revealing the truth about Job Candidates, Vendor/Suppliers, and Business People.  Specialized in Contract Compliant background reports in high risk industries such as I.T., Aerospace, and Financial/Banking.

Our Expert P.I.s navigate a report's Investigative path producing a highly reliable report as accurately matched to your candidate as possible with commercially available sources.   Each licensed investigator is trained to manage the end-to-end report process, assist with client questions, and get the source court details.

We're licensed and regulated by the State of Texas and operate solely from Fort Worth, Texas.

Our licensed P.I.s are FBI fingerprinted and approved to work as our employee.  They're also trained to follow a strict protocol of security procedures and a code of conduct.  If any request violates our code of conduct, security or general procedures, the request will be rejected.  

Cluso is not a government contractor on any direct projects for the government (local, State, or Federal.)  Cluso does not participate in government or commercial bidding.