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Is your resume lost in a sea of fraudulent data submitted by others?

Ego pre-verifies your education, employment history and licensing to set you apart. The pre-verified resume gets you noticed by Cluso clients with job opportunities. And your background check is quicker when you get hired because half the work is already completed. Cluso obtains written proof independently and stores the information on your behalf. You simply fill out a third party release form to send your Ego report with proof to the Hiring (or Recruiting) manager.


Prospective Employers Aren't Noticing You?

But how could you be noticed when your resume is mixed in with other people creating fiction for their resumes. While the EEOC is focused on unfair hiring practices after the interview, they are ignoring a bigger problem, resume fraud. Are you even getting to the interview because the falsifications are rampant? Job Candidates lying about their credentials are taking away the best paying jobs from the most deserving job applicants like YOU.

There was a time most everyone was honest about their employment experience and education and if you had excellent credentials you would stand out to potential employers and have better job opportunities. But things have changed in recent years. As job candidates grow desperate to be noticed by employers due to electronic applications and fewer job opportunities, many have had to resort to embellishment and fictitious credential claims.

The employers are in a storm of false information so it is no wonder your exceptional, factual resume will not get any notice. Your competitors in the marketplace are building resume fiction without any concern for consequences.

If you are a professional and have a need to provide a factual resume you have been at a serious disadvantage.


How Disadvantaged Are You? Survey Says...

In a recent survey released by Hire Right, 30% of resumes have altered dates of employment and 20% list degrees not received.

Unfair is an understatement when you consider the difference in investment between actually acquiring a degree and the ease it takes to falsely claim a degree. Every time a person gets away with claiming experience and degrees, they are stealing a job opportunity from a more deserving and someone like you.


Get More Job Opportunities

Cluso has over 500 employers recruiting IT and other industry talent and they need candidates to start quickly. Since contracts are growing more complex and taking more time your start date will be delayed if your background begins after the contract is finalized. And every time to get hired you have to start the process over again. If you have credentials from overseas your wait time is extended as much as an extra 30 days or more. Our clients rely on our reports everyday. If you pre-certify with Ego, you can subscribe to an option to be solicited for job opportunities by our clients. We also will notify our clients when you have finished your pre-certification process giving you an advantage on the next available position matching your skills.


But Your Prospective Employer Hasn't Heard of Cluso or Ego Yet?

Help us Educate Them and Stand Apart. Also when you fill out a request to release information to third-party form, we will send information about us, Ego reports and about your pre-checked resume.


Yes, this is a New Product But...

We work with over 500 employers hiring and our clients already rely on our reports for accuracy to hire their job applicants. By getting Ego you will get noticed by companies actively hiring. The time it traditionally takes to background check will shorten if your credentials are pre-verified. Time is money and the shorter the time to onboard the quicker and more incentives there are to hire you. Since your credentials are already fact checked, they know there will be no "surprises" about disqualification just before you are scheduled to start.


As a Consultant, Ego is a MUST Have

Gain more control over your background check, stop having to wait for long turnarounds with employment and education verifications and start working faster.


As an Independent Professional Stand Apart

Everyone makes experience claims and licensing claims, but if you are Ego, you can supply our report with your bid or proposal or with your information packet. Our report proves the claims you make


Prove Your Management Team is Top Notch

What make more of an impact then a set of Ego reports showing decades of experience. When you are not trying to be the Lowest cost bidder, your company can distinguish itself based on the credentials and experience of the management team. An eloquently worded resume is met with skepticism, but an Ego report is independent verification report with all diligence shown.


  1. With one form you can get started Click here
  2. The Ego form will set up your account and allow you to Submit your Employment, Education, Licensing, Certifications and References Online.
  3. We'll roll up our sleeves right away. Turnaround will range depending on your claims and the cooperation of the institutions you list. Average turnaround is 10 business days to completion but if you have international claims it may take 30 to 45 days to finish.
  4. You'll receive account information in your email within 24 hours. We'll also keep you updated on progress and attach your Ego report to your account when we are complete.

After you receive your Ego Initial report, sign up for Ego Subscription, License Expiration Alert or Opportunity Subscription Services on your account profile.

  • Subscription Service: Make up to 3 ego Certified Report Modification Requests Per Annual Subscription
  • License Expiration Alert: After a license is confirmed, you can mark to have an email alert notifying you when it will expire
  • Opportunity Subscription: Mark your profile as "Interested in Opportunities" and our clients will contact you when they query your report and match you to skills they need.

1. Submit an Ego Update Request Form
2. A copy of your updated Ego report will be attached to your account

If you receive a request by a potential employer to see your Ego report,  Submit an Ego Release of Information Form Click here

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