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Reports not matched to your candidate

Reports can be inaccurate in two ways: 1) False Hit: Reporting cases not matched to your common name candidate 2) False Clear: Reporting clear for a person with a criminal history. The criminal listing on an innocent consumer's report may become a PR nightmare and result in civil litigation. A clear report for a candidate with actual criminal history may cause litigation against your company for damages to your clients or other employees.


You can't start the project

Nothing rankles the hiring manager more than a delay in starting a project. Second is a delay in getting an important technician to the site. The hiring manager views you as an impediment, an unnecessary piece of red tape, but he doesn't feel the heat of an improper hire. When that happens, he's "gone fishing". We have a product to keep you on the good side of your hiring manager.


Jousting with the electronic receptionist all day

Worst yet, you'll be thrown into the endless loop of artificial intelligence. Of the top 100 internet retailers, 79 use automated phone trees requiring callers to press buttons to speak requests into the phone, which often seem to purposefully steer customers in every direction except the one leading to a human being. We're not an internet retailer, and we get it. Call us, and you speak to a knowledgeable person.


You fail a contract compliance audit

You fail the audit; you lose the contract. And the contracts are complex, growing more so, and even contradictory, as lawyers try to shield their clients from any and all possible as the contracts are all different. One contract specifies five types of compliances, while another species eight. Mortal man can't keep them all straight and still get the right technician hired. We specialize in contract compliance and know what to do.


You receive a summons from the EEOC

The EEOC received 99,412 private sector workplace discrimination charges during fiscal year 2012. While the number of charges dipped for the year, the EEOC obtained an historic amount of month through administrative processes: $365.4 million which doesn't include the $44.2 millon it collected in the 155 lawsuits it filed. And none of that money considers the millions of dollars companies spent defending themselves. Our electronic release solution can help you stay complaint free.


Your vendor's system is the source of identity theft

Approximately 15 million Americans have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion. Another 100 million Americans' identities are placed at risk annually when government and corporate database records are lost or stolen. From 2004-2009, 500 million personal records were lost or stolen. Your present vendor's system isn't nearly as secure as ours.


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